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Included in the SEO Course is this powerful course module around using ads to quickly grow your reach, leads, and members. Ranking organically is definitely the way to go, but sometimes if you are offering a new service or specialty course, you want to immediately rank high in the search engines. This module will teach you how step-by-step.



  1. Getting Familiar With Google Adwords
    a. How does Adwords work?
    b. Why use it for your gym?
    c. Search vs. Display
    d. How much does it cost?
    e. How to get started?
    2. Tracking Conversions
    a. Set up conversion in Adwords
    b. Add pixel to thank you page
    3. Setting Up Your Campaign
    a. Campaign settings
    b. Location Targeting
    c. Ad group creation
    d. Writing ads
    4. Understanding Quality Score
    a. What is quality score?
    b. How can I improve it?

If you are looking for more specific advice around this topic, you can schedule a 30 minute call with the course creator for $99.