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Hiring New Staff and Interns

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Course Description

This course is designed to give you all the tools you need to confidently hire and train new coaches and staff. The course is divided into two parts: First, we explore some priorities to consider when hiring. Secondly, we get into the course handbook to actually see how the training is laid out. The course materials, including the extensive handbook, are your’s to use as you see fit.

Video 1: 
We look at what to expect out of new hires and interns throughout the on-boarding process

Video 2: What are your Core Values? How will your values influence the team you build? 

Video 3: We explore the hierarchy of needs from both a coach and athlete perspective and how we should expect new hires to fit into those needs.

Video 4: This video explores what it means to hire someone from the internship process.

Video 5This lesson looks at what to do in the first 6 months after you’ve made the decision to hire someone on as a coach or staff member.