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Facebook Foundations: How To Create Your Own Ad Campaign

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  1. Set Up Your Facebook Ad Account for Success

    1. Set up business manager, ad account and billing info

    2. The “brain” of your campaign: configuring the Facebook pixel

    3. Adding the Facebook pixel to your website

  2. The Building Blocks of Your Campaign

    1. Measure your success: How to set up conversions

    2. The 3 ingredients in every Facebook campaign

    3. Put your email list to work: How to create Custom Audiences

  3. Ready, set, launch!

    1. Step-by-Step: Going live with your first campaign

Action Items for the course:


  1. Set up a business manager account and import your ad account and Facebook page

  2. Install Facebook pixel across your website

  3. Upload list of member email addresses ad Lookalike audience

  4. Download sample ad creative

  5. Create and launch your first campaign

If you are looking for more specific advice around this topic, you can schedule a 30 minute call with the course creator for $99.