The Stage 2 - Operational

You have revenue, are making a profit, and are ready to hire for key duties.

Now that you’ve been in this for a little while, you've likely tapped out your network of friends and family and maybe you've hit a plateau in your membership numbers. You're doing a lot of it on your own, and you're probably getting pretty tired. It’s time to focus on marketing to get more exposure and sales.This stage is all about starting to build the momentum that will make yours the gym that people want to join. Now is when you test out what works for you and double down to get great results. Create processes. Build systems. Bring on the right people. Get your brand out there in a big way. Dive deep into the things that are working while implementing your vision to grow your gym.

Success Indicator of Stage 2: 
Every duty has associated pay. There are no barters or uncompensated work for you or your staff.

Revenue Qualifier: 
Coaches are compensated for all classes & administrative duties.

Primary Challenges: 
Need to hire & delegate; don't know where to start.

Key Goals: 
Have a job description & pay structure in place for everything in your gym.

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The Breakdown

  • 1
    Welcome & Overview
    • Overview
  • 2
    Biz Strategy & Operations
    • Work On vs In Your Business: Video Course
    • 5 Important Things Every Gym Owner Needs to Keep In Mind
    • For the Love Please Sweat the Small Stuff
    • Standard Operating Procedures Guide
    • 6 Signs That Your Business Is Healthy
    • How to Increase Your ARM - Average Revenue per Member
    • Building A Great Kids Care Video Course
    • What the SWOT?
    • Recommended Templates
  • 3
    Marketing, Sales & Branding
    • How To Know If Youre Standing Out From The Competition?
    • 4 Steps for Creating Marketing Plan: Video Course
    • Can You DIY the Marketing of Your Business?
    • Facebook Foundations: Video Course
    • Landing Page Essentials: Video Course
    • How can I help you?
    • Hatchbuck CRM Guide/Tutorial: Video Course
    • Recommended Templates
  • 4
    Websites & SEO
    • 6 Quick And Easy Tips To Improve Your Website
    • Why Reviews are Essential for your Gym - Webinar
    • Everything You Need to Know About Building a New Website
    • 5 Tips and Tricks To Get Found Online
    • SEO 100: Video Course
    • SEO 101: Video Course
    • 12 Big Things to AVOID on a Landing Page
    • Help I Dont Understand Landing Pages
    • Recommended Templates
  • 5
    Wordpress Website Tutorials
    • Editing Pages & Posts
    • Adding a New Page
    • The Image Editor
    • Heading Styles
    • Introduction to Menus
    • Working with Categories
    • Using the Visual Editor
    • Creating Hyperlinks
    • Adding Videos to your Post or Page
    • Editing Images
    • Uploading Media
    • Scheduling a Post for a Later Date
    • Deleting Images
    • Adding Images to your Post or Page
    • Understanding How Images Work in Wordpress
  • 6
    Content Marketing & Social Media
    • 60 Creative Content Ideas
    • Content Marketing: Video Course
    • 11 Quick Tips You Should Be Using on Instagram
    • Newsletter Best Practices: Video Course
    • How to Build a Content Calendar
    • How To Create Killer Content
    • How to Use Video to Generate Leads
    • Recommended Templates
  • 7
    Staff, Coaching & Partnerships
    • Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
    • Hiring New Staff and Interns: Video Course
    • 3 Tips to Build Better Trainers at Your Box
    • Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
    • Is A Goal Setting System Possible For Your Athletes
    • Recommended Templates
  • 8
    Culture & Leadership
    • Getting Unstuck: A Practical Guide
    • Keeping your Members Retention Strategies that Work
    • 5 Steps to Become a More Productive Gym Owner Today
    • How To Use A Survey To Increase Member Retention
    • 4 Ways to Engage Your Members
    • 19 Ways to Make Your Week More Productive
    • No One Is Drawn To Desperate
    • Recommended Templates
    • What Do You Really Want?
    • What To Do When You Dont Know What To Do
  • 9
    Finance, Accounting & Legal
    • Finance 101: Video Course
    • 1099 vs W-2: Video Course
  • 10
    Programming, Events & Corporate
    • Recommended Templates

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