Stage 1 - Tactical

You are up and running & your client base are primarily friends and family.

This is the beginning stage that all gym owners must go through. For some, it could last 6 months... for others, they may never get out of this stage. It is where all the foundation is laid. It's likely you doing most, if not all, of the work. And this is important because you need to establish the culture and processes that you want to define your business. In this stage, you want to make sure you're crossing all the t's and dotting all the i's. The Tactical Stage is just the beginning of building a solid business model while checking off all the items you need to create a sustainable and growing business.

Success Indicator of Stage 1: 
You can cover your monthly rent, utilities, insurance, and gym fees.

Revenue Qualifier: 
You have recurring monthly revenue.

Primary Challenges: 
You wear most hats.

Key Goals: 
Create systems and job descriptions that can be offloaded when the revenue is there.

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The Breakdown

  • 1
    Welcome & Overview
    • Overview
  • 2
    Business Startup & Foundations
    • Interested in Starting your Own Gym?
    • Gym Startup Checklist
    • Founders Club: Video Course
    • Tips for a Successful Grand Opening
    • Finding the Perfect First Location
    • What are you learning about your business?
    • HOW to Write CORE Values, Mission, Vision, Etc.
    • Recommended Templates
  • 3
    Biz Strategy & Operations
    • WARNING! Dead End Ahead You Need A Plan.
    • Business Checkup: Video Course
    • 4 Things to Maximize Your Chances of Success in Your Business
    • Business Systems Overview: Video Course
    • Onboarding with an Amazing Client Experience
    • Onboarding New Members: Video Course
    • Pricing your Programs
    • Rates, Prices & Value: Video Course
    • Recommended Templates
  • 4
    Marketing, Sales & Branding
    • Branding for Attention and Retention
    • If You Build It Sorry But They Probably Wont Just Come
    • Marketing for Growth
    • 9 Ways to Ramp Up Your Marketing Efforts on the Cheap
    • Facebook Ads: From Basic to Intermediate - Video Course
    • How to Turn Your Goals into A Marketing Plan for the Year
  • 5
    Websites & SEO
    • 5 Reasons A Solid Website Is So Important
    • 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Build Your Own Website
    • Does Your Website Include These 9 Essential Elements?
    • Essentials of a Lead-Generating Website: Video Course
    • Want New Clients? Pay Attention To These 10 Things
    • The Real Reasons People Click On Your Website
    • Recommended Templates
  • 6
    Content Marketing & Social Media
    • 5 Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Gym
    • 8 Easy Ways To Create Content Like A Pro
    • 8 Ways to Improve your Gym's Social Media Presence
    • Recommended Templates
  • 7
    Staff, Coaching & Partnerships
    • Staff Development
    • Keep Your Trainers Happy | Part One
    • Keep Your Trainers Happy | Part Two
    • Building a Pipeline of Talented Coaches
    • Recommended Templates
  • 8
    Culture & Leadership
    • Why Not You?
    • 10 Characteristics of Entrepreneurs Who Are Going To Crush This Year
    • 24 To-Dos That Matter To Genuinely Successful People
    • How To Make A Lasting Impression In Seconds
    • The One Thing You Need As Successful Business Owner and How To Get More Of It
    • Education is Motivation
    • Having A Mentor is Over Rated
    • 7 Practical Ideas To Build A Great Culture
    • 8 Ways to Create an Irresistible Culture in Your Gym
    • 17 Podcasts That Will Change Your Life
    • Recommended Templates
  • 9
    Finance, Accounting & Legal
    • The 9 Financial Numbers You Should Know
    • What entity should I set up for my Gym business?
    • To be or not to be a 1099 Contractor
    • Insurance: 3 Big Things To Get Right As An Owner
    • Recommended Templates
  • 10
    Programming, Events & Corporate
    • Recommended Templates

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