The Stage 3 - Strategic

You have predictable increasingly higher revenue & profit - your goal is legacy and impact.

You’ve got all your systems and processes mapped out; now it’s time to put all of that structure to work for you. This stage is all about scale and growing your business to match your vision of true success. It’s that sweet spot where selling, exposure and business become a little easier and all of your efforts are working to grow your business in alignment with your values and dreams. Your leadership skills and communication are critical to your success at this stage in the game. You are ready to put support in place and step into the 40,000 foot view of your design business.

Success Indicator of Stage 3: 
You have the ability to start ambitious new programs, invest considerably, purchase buildings, expand, and work on only the duties that fill your cup. 

Revenue Qualifier: 
You pay yourself a very comfortable salary w/ benefits & coaches are paid a full-time wage.

Primary Challenges: 
Assessing risk tolerance in light of your full-time employees reliance on your continued success.

Key Goals: 
Realizing your ideal vision for your business.

Take me to Stage 3

The Breakdown

  • 1
    Welcome & Overview
    • Overview
  • 2
    Biz Strategy & Operations
    • How to Create a Growth Plan: Video Course
    • A lemonade stand and a lesson learned
    • Do You Have The Secret Weapon For Success In Place?
    • How Strong Is Your Business Core?
    • Which Kind of Business Do You Run Line Out the Door or Desperate For Your Next Member?
    • Recommended Templates
  • 3
    Marketing, Sales & Branding
    • 4 Things to Maximize Your Chances of Success in Your Business
    • Rebranding Your Gym: Webinar
    • Is CrossFit All You Want To Offer Rebranding Yourself?
    • Marketing Doesnt Work
    • Why Customer Reviews Are So Important To Your Business
    • Recommended Templates
  • 4
    Websites & SEO
    • Would You Choose You?
    • SEO 200.1: Video Course
    • SEO 200.2: Video Course
    • PPC - Pay Per Click: Video Course
    • One Way to Dramatically Improve Your Website
    • Recommended Templates
  • 5
    Content Marketing & Social Media
    • Recommended Templates
  • 6
    Staff, Coaching & Partnerships
    • Recommended Templates
  • 7
    Culture & Leadership
    • How to Wow: Video Course
    • How to Create a Contagious Culture: Video Course
    • Recommended Templates
    • 9 Things to Give Up On If You Really Want To Be Successful
    • 13 What Ifs That Could Change Your Life & Business
    • Are You Just A Business Owner Or Are You A Leader Worth Following? Take This Test To See How You Score
    • Click on this if you need MOTIVATION
    • Complainer or Influencer - Which Are You?
    • Have You Let Yourself Go?
    • How Do You Measure Your Success?
    • Lessons I Learned This Past Week While Captaining A 90 Ft Yacht
  • 8
    Finance, Accounting & Legal
    • Profit First Video Course
    • Profit First Gym Owner Case Study
    • A Better Way To Look At Your Expenses
    • Benefits of Buying Your Building
    • What is Your Box Worth?
  • 9
    Programming, Events & Corporate
    • Recommended Templates

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