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4 Steps to Create Your Marketing Plan

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In this course, we will work through the 4 steps to create your yearly marketing plan:

Assess. Take a look at your current situation. Where are you today?

Identify. What are your goals for the year?

Plan/Adjust. (spend majority of webinar here) Create the marketing plan with events and tactics around your goals.

Intentional. Take Action. This is the final step but the most important.


We all know how important having a marketing plan is for your business, but where the heck do you start? 

Most gym owners never write one down, mostly out of fear. By writing a plan down it means commitment and accountability. On the flip side, it also means peace of mind and clarity for you and your coaches. All heading in the same direction.

How satisfying would it be to have your year planned out so all you needed to do was execute on the plan?

Your marketing plan for the year doesn’t have to be rocket science, it just needs to be pulled out of your head and written down on paper. A plan is better than no plan.